Running away from what was worse
Your love is burning me down

(Game- Verse 1)
My Momma in a Coma, I don't know how to fucking feel
But what I do know is today my life fucking real
Holding my tears inside trying not to fucking squeal
Where is Jesus when I need him to grab the fucking Wheel
They say if it's fate its fate no ain't nothing seal
Staying strong when I really want to pop a fucking pill
Looking at my mama just laying here, fuck hospitals blood I ain't staying here
Choked up, my mama all doped up
Make me wanna have all of my enemies scoped up
But my son just walked in and wanna see his grandma
But I can't let him see you like this Damn Ma
What the fuck we doing? What the fuck we Doing?
Something happen to you my whole fucking life is ruined
Let the lord take me from my fucking Mamma, I'mma Kill myself
Break into heaven than theres going to be drama


(Game- Verse 2)
I don't never wanna know how Kanye feel
But right now I wouldn't mind seeing how a K feel
Fuck being game, fuck being Rich
Anybody that ever owe me money I feel like money making Mitch
I can't make dinner but I can make a fucking ditch
My pops ain't even checked on her, you a fucking bitch
Headed to Compton right now I'mma see you there
Matter fact it's better off I just leave you there
And let you rot nigga, till you in a box nigga
From now on it's thug life I'm positive on Pac nigga
Reckoning havoc on the world for what could be
I'm out here dare any nigga try to Suge me
Who Grew up in Compton? Who was born in Inglewood? Me
Two days left on Death-row is where I should be
But I'm right here waiting for her to wake up
Like please don't die mama, wake up!
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Love On Fire Lyrics

The Game – Love On Fire Lyrics