Can I say can I say
That I've been listening to
Your bullshit and it's
6 feet deep
And you're all dead
When you're awake
And it's too late
To think about the things
That kept you dreaming
Here I stand in a line
And as I take a look around me
Things are out of sync
Handing me all of your lies
It's like it's death before dishonor
But it's out of season
Don't wanna be standed
Don't wanna be
Trampled by your fears
Don't wanna be
Stuck here forever
There's a place in my head
And I'm the only one
That's standing
Everybody else is dead
It's the beginning of the end
Because the truth is just
Too painful when you
Stop pretending
Can I say can I say
We've been running round
In circles and we're out of time
And there's a place in our heads
Where we don't have to be
The victim of a victimless crime
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West Of Texas (Part 2) Lyrics

The Frustrators – West Of Texas (Part 2) Lyrics