So you fake you're full and you feel tomorrow
Coming and you gotta do what you can do to get
Away with everything you want
And still get what you need.
So you're slowing down cause you've done it before,
You look at the floor and you wonder when it's gonna
Come on up over your head so you can get some rest.

Some trust in love
Some trust in hatred
Some trust in fear and some in violence
Some trust in faith and some trust in fortune
Some trust God and some just get away.

Swear to God I'm going to get it right
Stay down tied until I get my fill.
So I take it all but it's falling through
Done it before so maybe a little bit
More will make it easier to get on through the door.

Some trust in pain
And some trust in pleasure
Some trust in union,
Some in innocence
Some trust in fear
And some trust in fortune
Some trust in everyone
And some just get away.

Call it security,
Call it your purity,
Call it the words we pray,
Call it the sins we say,
You never wanted it this way

Some trust in God and some trust in country
Some trust in love and some in violence
Some trust in diamonds,
Some trust in devils
Some trust fear and some just get away.
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Some Trust Lyrics

The Fray – Some Trust Lyrics

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