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Rice Torture Lyrics

The Four Owls – Rice Torture Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dang, this here I found a new beginning
Teaching the [?] to make my [?] some fresh linen
Still stripling, head spinning like a cobra with his teeth missing
I came drinking what they're sipping
You can get the Hateorade, the bishop piss
Cuz no-one listens with all of that green light low omissions
Here's a new edition, something no hesitations
All you see is flashin' lights like interrogations
Bad presentation, every word's a revelation
Don't hold samples, hold and leave reservation
Fuck with us like fornication
But on a bus like an urchin on its penetration
Treat a sample like a mommy's preservation
You neva had heart, you're just racing, need a machine to put the pace in
Neva know who's got yo back, like a mason
Stick the tracks like the dog just booed his legging

[Verse 2]
Burn our connections inna yo infection
Cannibal's collections from paranoid reflections
Took classes they would see in a dream
Woke up and found the knowledge in apology [?] stream
I'm an untrained animal, a Bill Adana of the manual
But keep droppin' it like my hands are full
Something's watchin', but is it followin'?
Case on the table, is it my name to honor it?
But keep maneuverin', I keep it smoother than the average type hooligan
Didn't need but elude my pen
Elude my friends, that's my high focus
Called a doctor, this shit is sick, betta grow the dosage
Comatosed kids when the firm kicks back
Girls pop 'em out so fast, they get tit lash
Too many crip rack, bring Sit Rick back
We'll sing rest in peace to the artists that switch rats

[Verse 3]
My profession's mic murdering
Approach from all angles, I'm climbin' out of all furnishings
See the cops, then I'm swervin' 'em
Free pork chops, nothing but neck I'm servin' em
The queens said I'm burning them
I'm livin' proof you get yo dreams if you work for 'em
I lost memories I've found [?], I'm writing verse fo' em
Pissy gift now a curse when I is turbulent
When lies occur, protect yo chest like yo sternum does
Sloppy with the flow, yeah, you know it's so permanent
Operculate where the stench of pain permeates
My words are straight out of the curves of a girl I date
Four hours, stay mwoffed(?!), like a burglar's face
Flying so high, we found rap at the pearly gates
Now with a sound that gives the opposite a breakdown
Real recognize real, the skill will take the fakes out

[Verse 4]
Life with unleashed piper tongue teets
Tie yo tongue around yo neck, man, I'm climbin' up beats
The mountaneer, now it's clear, a new cycle
Pedaling fast, then messing with bars, survival
Terror to the eyeballs, effective to the brain
Blood sweat and tears smear over the terrain
It's the part less traveled, the front is unraveling
The fabric disappears, now it's just the hollow mannequins
Standing in the wilderness, bewildered by the silence
Unforgivin' pain hit 'em deep like a sniper
Take yo best shot, fuck 'em up when I get on mobile
Like the virus on yo desktop
I'm pickin' words like the best quotes
Stress not while you see [?] being sent off
The rap got bigger and I'm still singin' F the critics
Been down for years and I'm still gettin' betta with it
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