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The Effect Lyrics

The Flobots – The Effect Lyrics

It's the F-L-O-B-O-T-S
What did you expect?
You wanted us to move you right to left
Live and direct

Butterfly wing flap whole thing change
One look two different book same page
Front on the range but the beat's contage
Stuck to your feet for 3, 4 days

It's real too real like film projectors
Bend the letters
To find the nectar
It is effective
It will protect ya
From them spectres
Don't let 'em get ya

How'd they escape the rat race?
How'd he make that sound with that bass?
The roof is ablaze so break the glass case
Song so big affect the tax base

Don't drink the potion
Split the ocean
Holy Moses
Pharaoh's forces
Let my people go with purpose
Turn the tide with forward motion

How does it feel to unglue?
Where do you think we've come to?
What does it take to follow through?
Who is it making you move?

Heavens to murgatroyd
The situations purgatory
Brer Rabbit's stories
Burn categories
The allegory is Adam's story
On the eve of something glorious
Us against them
Won't bust the system
But trust the pistons
The engines misspent
Our thrust is intense
Combustive intent

Boom Jonny 5 better yet Juan Cinco
Rhetoric rep for my Colorado lingo
Whatever preterit's wet by my ink flow
Is spelled out B4 (Bingo!)
Get it?
Because I Never Get Outwitted
Bold-faced type all capped like a fitted
Make ya move even if you're arthritic
Something that you thought I wouldn't do, I did it!

It's a quilombo!
With Kenny O on the drum roll
We rocket like Dikembe Mutombo
Djembe to bongo to MPC
We unload and win MVP
So let's be old fashioned
Put the beat on blast
And leave a lil' something like a geocache
And if anybody wanna smurf wif me
We can take this to the nursery
Like hickory dickory rhyme so slippery

This emcee that emcee
Wish they could switch currencies like a battery
Disbelieve flattery
Realistically it can just be a smattering
To sit and watch the needle peak with Mario C
Reppin CO and 303
Speak up girl even if it's what's they're against
Do the Hellen Keller and confront male arrogance
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