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There's A Problem Lyrics

The Flatliners – There's A Problem Lyrics

from album: Destroy To Create (2005)
Confident not caring
People say i scare them, but i donýt listen to them
I don't let them get to me
Reassured that i'm a person i live the lessons that i'm learning
I was once told everything would come crashing down on me
Judged for how i look
The things i have and things i too
Confined conformity
Why do people keep looking down on me?
Itýs dangerously hopeless and it's strangely out of focus
Why don't they just come and find me?

There's a problem and it's gonna get deeper
The size is growing and it's growing with people
We all chant we let them know
That's exactly how the story goes

We'll teach em how to fight and we'll teach em how to die
Only significance to everything is unknown
You're calling on the phone and my throat is getting sore
So i just end up hanging up and leaving you all alone
So let's forget the phone call
And let's remember we all started this together and took the fall
But we ended up on top and everything just stopped
It's over
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