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Macoretta Boozer Lyrics

The Flatliners – Macoretta Boozer Lyrics

from album: Destroy To Create (2005)
Another nights out of sight
Another drink what is he thinking?
We all need to get a grip but not him don't let him slip
Unmarked can in his hand, he opens it and doesn't understand
It's on the floor, head over the toilet
He can't see anymore
"all i need in this world is my good friend alcoholic"
He says as he's pressing the buttons on his keyboard
Another message left to make everyone laugh and tomorrow it all happens again

Sitting in his basement he drinks a pint
Now it's time
Outraged and uncontrolled he goes out and gets some more
He says that he doesn't have a drinking problem
While he's drinking down his own 2-4
Hes passed out, he hit the floor

Always adding his 2 cents, but it's okay because it helps
Always drunk as a skunk in the basement by himself
Closet alcoholic, 40 oz Jim beam then vomit
Aim for the toilet his head will be hurting in the morning
Hes on a drunken rampage smashing bottles in his way
I'll tell you don't get in his way today
He brings out the drunk in you
He'll tell you to, he's boozed and bruised
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