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KHTDR Lyrics

The Flatliners – KHTDR Lyrics

from album: The Great Awake (2007)
We scratch these walls that we have built
This disbelief is useless
We pull these stakes we've driven in
And I'm pumped dry, can you see it?
WE fade to black and I'm giving in
My blood, it spills on the city
I'm ripped apart, back at the beginning
Can I say?
This confession of the heart will bleed until its end
If we ever see the beginning
My throat is dried out, much like my patience
And your nails are digging in
As my ribcage cracks and I exhale this dying breath
I see your face
I see your face
And I see that perfect smile fade
These bones I keep in my closet keep me from the skin that is clinging to me
Not sure of what were the best days, and everything in between seems obsolete
I feel I'm grounded with this weight that is breathing down my neck
I'm paralyzed with no confirmation of hope yet
But the world will tease until all eyes are on me
With this bitter taste dripping off of my teeth
My bloody hands struggling to come clean
I've bled out all my reasoning
And I've watched your syllables subside
But for good measure this time I'll smile
Until my teeth are rotting gums
Until I lose my fucking mind
I heard you're doing great, I'm doing just fine
The blood these knuckles have spared hasn't helped me wrap my head around this
And from the water's edge, I'm losing mine in the shallow end
I'm the one in the back with fingernails in my eyes
It took me years to see the situation fit
Don't look now as I fake a smile, a thought, memory when I don't give a shit
I've said this all before
I've said it loud enough
And I've said it a thousand times
My veins are hollowed out and I drop like a bomb you never even saw coming
These last days and this blackened heart has ceased to beat
Won't even start pumping
I always feel like I'm waiting around for tomorrow
These eyes can't see what's lying right there in front of me
What's lying right there in front of me
And these walls all crumble to the ground
The sky is red and its coming down
I will never come down
I will never come down
We scratch these walls that we have built
But this time I am letting go
This time I am letting go
We pull these stakes we've driven in
But this time I am letting go
Fade to black our tomorrows...
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