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Roots Lyrics

The Felix Culpa – Roots Lyrics

Somewhere out there is your safer bet
In a world without disappointment or regret
But i know we can't tell our hearts what not to do
They just keep on working, even if we don't ask them to
The clockwork ticks to keep the frame alive
It tells us who to love, who to leave and when to lie
There's a dollar to be made here
A payment to be exchanged here
A service that goes unnamed here
As we're still stealing from our saviour
We are so much more than we touch
We are arms without fingers
We are natural selection
And we're reaching for each other
As we pass in opposite directions
We are so much more than we touch
Are we saving ourselves?
Or just waiting on someone else
To make an excuse in our name?
We're twice fit to be suns of hell
And we've trained up our sons so well
To live our misfortune and fame
It's such a shame, we're all the same
We are so much more than the sum of all our wants
We're the sum of all our love, but we only love what we haven't caught
We dance like politicians as we kiss like common thieves
Sneaking around our parent's attic, looking for the keys
There's no substance in our voices, save for what we're drinking
And there's nothing in our hands, save for contempt for what we're thinking
You'll either believe it or lie to yourself
And if you believe it you'll probably go ask someone else
We're all prisoners of a war that we helped create
Dying to complain about lying in wait
To believe in a reason to lie to ourselves
Either believe it or lie to yourself
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