Vision be true
Guide me far away from here for good
Got me one last ounce of energy
Got this second wind to push me through
Heart don't be a fool
Don't beat on yourself cuz you'll lose
Get yourself through this patch of rain
And come out dry when its through

Should of know better than to trust me a woman
I was believing she was my saving grace
I was feeling she'd set me free
I was believing she was my ticket to greatness
But I learned me the hard way
She's just out to get me

Driving through the night
I ripped my rear view mirror off with all my might
No way I'm turning this car around
Or may the almighty strike me down
Flame light me a path
Drive me away from this sadness and bring me back
Give me a chance to right these wings
Open up Lord and hear me sing
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Out To Get Me Lyrics

The Fearless Ones – Out To Get Me Lyrics

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