Da, Da, Da Dadada dada Da Da

Tuesday night, nowhere to be so why not come chill with me; I'll take you right around the town
Look down at my watch and I see, almost exactly 10: 30, March 21st this shit's going down
Night of havoc, night of panic, tick tock I broke the lock, there's not a lot of time so let's go.
No time to wait, it's getting late, shimmy on down, shimmy on down.

Get, Get, Get outta here, Get, Get, Get outta here

Shopping carts, broken hearts, take me back right to the start when everything was spick and span.
Toys for kids screw that, grab a shirt, a matching hat, G. I Joe and X men
"Hands up you're getting robbed" I yell out, then the manager she says "please don't shoot me"
We'll be on our way, thank you have a great day, and oh yeah "Clean up on isle 3" Oh yeah!

Get, Get, Get outta here, Get, Get, Get outta here

So many ways they could have tried to stop us but we turned it onto them.
A down beat, low key shitty weeknight, turned into one that they'll never forget!

Well I was stocking up for Christmas Eve, Putting lights up on the tree
Joke to Drew; tie my shoes, now I got Christmas blues
Gun to the head, managers dead, nope she's hiding by Barbie and Ken
Smells like ash, broken glass, toys lit up with burning gas!
Cowering behind a sofa bed, left Julie back in isle 10
I hope she made it out okay, either way I'm on my way
Screw, being a hero here, the safety of my car is near
Unless that bullet hits me dea, put that thing in sixth gear!

We're still getting out of here, out of here

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Rollback! Lyrics

The Faceplants – Rollback! Lyrics

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