(1st Verse)

As I stare through her blessing eyes
The covenant can only go so far
Yet still you lie, condasending me
I mend the pieces you have broken of me
Stay back

(1st Breakdown)

Father please forgive and save me from this great debacle
Legend holds that her kiss is deadly to feel
Father please forgive me


Before the sepulcher come live all the dreams the world beholds for us
If not we're nothing

(2nd Breakdown)

I've come too see
The life that I shall lead

(3rd Breakdown)

I hold these days
Closer than scars that I bare
I hold my name
Above the sun in the air


Open your eyes wide
Your time is at hand
Let the wind blow and take me on
To destiny
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Sepulcher Lyrics

The Eyes Have It – Sepulcher Lyrics

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