Dancing everywhere
All over the world
Even in in the jungle
Rocking is the word

Ne ne na...

Everyone is dancing
Yes and gay
Cheetah, Boy and Tarzan
Even Jane

Swinging through the trees
With a jungle harmony
Rocking till the morning
With this crazy beat.

Ne ne na...

Here comes Boy
Singing a song
And Cheetah listening
Says he's kinda slow

Cheetah turns and says
Hey, Boy
Give me rockin' stuff man
The kind that makes me go

Ah, ah, ah...

They're trying to get together
Happy for Jane
Jane's his girl
Jane shakes away

They all get together
Happy in time
They all dance together
Rocking through the night

Ne ne na...
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Rockin' In The Jungle Lyrics

The Eternals – Rockin' In The Jungle Lyrics