Reagan in the Whitehouse
Underneath his flag
Waiting for the arms list
So he can have a brag
Bresnev in the Kremlin
Sitting with his cranks
Waiting for the day
He can send in the tanks

Man of war
You'd murder me given half the chance

Copper in his cop car
Driving up and down
Nicking all the kids
All over town
Get's 'em in a cell
Get's 'em on their own
Doesn't like 'em talking
Likes to hear 'em moan

Soldier in the army
They've given him a gun
They're taught him how to fight
They've taught him how to run
They're sending him to Ireland
Sending him to kill
Sending him to war
He'd better make a will
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Man Of War Lyrics

The Ejected – Man Of War Lyrics