Bitter whisper
Here's your silver
Face a silent scream

An indication
Of a wicked scene

I thought that you had faith
A faith with no restraint
I thought you thought the best of me
Best of me, you fool

Is it green that stalks you
Wakes you, takes you down
A grudge to sink you till you drown
And make me justify
In a lullaby

You called me a liar
You called me a cheat
But I don't know why you ever
Would've called me a thief

I never stole your heart
Never took away your sins
Never made you lead a life
You thought you hated then

Did you think you'll break me
Shake me, take me down
Disappear without a sound
No, I'll justify
With my alibi
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Wicked Scene Lyrics

(The) Ecstatic – Wicked Scene Lyrics

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