My lips are moving and the sound is coming out
The words are audible but I have my doubts
That you realize what has been said
You look at me as if you're in a daze
It's like th efeeling at the end of the page
When you realize you don't know what you've just read

I might as well go up and talk to a wall
'Cause all the words are having no effect at all
It's a funny thing...am I all alone?
Something has to happen to change the direction
What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression...
It's a sorry state
I say to myself...

What are words for
When no one listens anymore?
What are words for
When no one listens there's no use talking at all

Pursue it any further and another thing you'll find
Not only are they deaf and dumb
They could be going blind
No one notices...I think I'll dye my hair blue

Media overload bombarding you with action
It's getting near impossible to cause a distraction
Someone answer me...before I pull out the plug

Do you hear me?
Do you care?

Tell me what are words for?
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Words Lyrics

The Echoing Green – Words Lyrics

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