Have you ever felt the scars
Touched the wounds of a slaughtered heart?
I greet you to my world, come join me, I hope you'll learn
(as your emotions burn)
There's nothing more to say, don't walk my path, just turn away
So wipe that smile my friend, this is my life in vain
(in a race towards time )

I'd drink the world to drown the pain living in me
That's far from right, but hey I'm never wrong?
So give me strenght to face the day this final time
I'll change my ways and face my fears

So here I go again, the future's lost and my past still burns
I search within wondering what's wrong, same old story, same old song
(the tune of slaughtered hearts)
I have always been alone, since the day when I was born
So come, bring on the war, show me what I was created for
(there must be more to life than this?)
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Tune Of Slaughtered Hearts Lyrics

The Duskfall – Tune Of Slaughtered Hearts Lyrics