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The Best You Can Believe In Lyrics

The Drones – The Best You Can Believe In Lyrics

I ain't often one
Who'd be having a crisis in faith
Though I would not be the one
That you'd come asking anyway
I ain't no big believer
In the virtues of belief
Though I would not say that outside looking
Out's a virtue either

And you may...
You may think your right
You may think that you have
But see you have not man
It is all a waste of time

Na, nah nah...

I ain't philistine, friend or ally
I ain't no one's fools 'cept mine
I ain't big on talk of getting on
Or tanning someone's hide
If anything, you come to be
Thus bound to go sometime
Yeah, you can pipe me up your chimney
I was born of clear blue skies
To a white skinned girl with pale blue eyes

Na, nah nah...

I see a million injured eyeballs
Staring into the throat
And they're gutting one another with solicitous joy
And feeding it scraps with a frenzied devotion
A burning river of the worst men have
Is the best you can believe in
Let it balm you, then enbalm you
And you might float your body down it in peace
Aand I'll be fine
Up there on the bank
With my flashlight
In a pair of pig skin tights!
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