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Mean Streak Lyrics

The Drones – Mean Streak Lyrics

A meat wagon in the shadow of a tenement block
You got the Pigs up in the stairwell
Asking questions and taking down names
I say 'that boy had a mean streak
Seems he's better off dead anyhow
I aint trying to be mean
He's just easy to hate
He had a spike in his vein for a number of years
It's all cold memory now
He tells me that he has gone clean
A black white tv set up the back of his head
That shatters and stutters
But won't never go dead

That boy had it down
Holier than thou
Though he was dumber than a bag of hammers
I didn't know
He'd figure pull the trigger
With his left big toe

Well he shaved off his hair
Leaving only the eyes in his head
And a hole for a mouth that looked
More line an asshole I swear
He never had no family he's sit up on the ledge
Staring up at a moon that died in the nights arms
To keep watch like a ghost in his heart
In its throws and its calms

Well it aint how you fall it's how you land
I'd remind him''life has its lessons' he'd say
'i'll come goof once I figure to learn them
I kicked junk with the bottle
Now it's merely a teething concern' he would tell me
But I had my doubts
A 13th floor bed-sit a kitchen a couch
The only way's down cause the bottom you'll find
Is much clearer to the eye than the top is the other way around
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