©1964 Smithe-Jones \ Tolliver

Every Monday morning, Misty walks along the lane.
She passes by my window on her way to catch the train.
She's so fine.
That girl is so divine,
Someday I'm gonna ask her to be mine.

I sit down by the telephone and pour myself a cup,
Each night, I dial her number. When she answers I hang up.
I'm so blue.
She doesn't have a clue.
How much I'd love to hear her say "I do."

I'll give it one more day,
Before she slips away
And miss my chance with Misty Monday morning.

Once my father took me aside.
He told me, "Son, you've always been shy.
But you're gonna fail, if you never try. "

I waited at the station with some flowers in my hand.
She stepped out from the train into the arms of another man.
Through my tears,
I watched them walk away.
I'd put off for tomorrow what I should have done today.

I gave it one more day
And let her slip away.
I missed my chance with Misty Monday morning.
I missed my chance with Misty Monday morning.
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Misty (Monday Morning) Lyrics

The Dover Souls – Misty (Monday Morning) Lyrics

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