Here's a minor correction
In the way that you left me
Isn't this all wrong?
The story is all wrong.
You were the first one to bed
When all of this was said and done.
Freezing cold and bitter
This never ending winter...
I'll be home soon
To finish what we started.
Like glass we break
Under the weight of the world.
The pressure is building
And I am revealing myself.

Feel the rhythm as you dance with me
And let your body move to this melody.
This song will change directions
Like the waves in the sea.
I hope this plagues you with our memories.

Here's a minor correction
In the way that you left me.
Baby it's all wrong.

Take time to stop
And let me know you're in time
With the tick of a clock
If hearts were shoes I've worn yours thin
Without a thought
Don't you worry mine were next in line
You call the shots.


Green lost it's color when my lust took over

God save me from myself
For I've lost control.
Now lay me back down to rest
I'll close my eyes and beg for death to come.

We are so close to being more than just alone.
Another reason for this lesson to hurt so much more.
In an effort to erase myself from this mess,
I clutch a photograph tightly to my chest.
I'll watch as four years crumble to the ground

Don't ever let this go.
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