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Where We Started Lyrics

The Districts – Where We Started Lyrics

I've got this itch I need to scratch
My body's aching like a heart attack
And I was thinking we would make it back
But we're right back to where we started

I've got this thought I need to dream
I've got a song I need to sing
And I was thinking we were doing fine
But it looks like we've run dry out of time

And I wait, and I fell
And I think I'll tell you why I leave to dream alone
I'll sleep a stone
Cause I've brought shame to your smiling name, to your pride
Don't you trust me, I've got that look in my eye
And don't you know I'll push you over the side if this ship is sinking before there's land in sight
And I don’t trust my courage no more
Leave me to die, leave me to die

And I think, and I float
And I'll sink deep below, I think I'll dream alone, I'll sleep a stone
I'd close my eyes, but we're waking to die, just waiting to die
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