Price of gas, price of bread
Every good politician is dead
Wrong sleep number on my bed
Me and bad things running through my head
I'll shut up now

Construction signs on the road
Guess I'm gonna take a long way home
Pot-hole hitter with the A.C. blown
Don't make cars like my daddy own
I'll shut up now, I'll shut up now

It's just a point of view
Kinda like the evening news

Well, paycheck's short, the work too long
Radio plays the same ten songs
I need a beer that's good and strong
And a woman who likes to get it on
I'll shut up now

Barry got juiced and the Rocket did too
Little leaguers watching everything they do
Kids growing up way too fast
Needle in the arm, needle in the ass
I'll shut up now, I'll shut up now

If I Photoshop my face
Would you put me on your Facebook page?

Well, Jesus and Krishna had a fight
Said the people are bad but the gospel's right
Luda and Pope just formed a band
But they're looking for a drummer with a good left hand
I'll shut up now

Willie and the band just got caught
Two miles south of Omaha
When the DEA opened that lock
For there's nothing in the black book

On the road again
I just can't wait to get on the road again
My wife I love is making music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again

Yeah, well, babies are born, hooked on drugs
Rich girls cover their face with mud
Choir boys are playing five o'clock stud
Money is worth more than blood
I'll shut up now

Motorcycle gangs, the doctors and shrinks
[?] the world is on the brink
Water is brown and the air, it stinks
John Hancock is disappearing in it
I'll shut up now, I'll shut up now

If I'm boring you to death
Well, I'm almost done, almost out of breathe

'Cause my voice is sharp, the strings are dead
No one's heard a word I said
Guess I'll stop this rambling mess
I'll shut up now, I'll shut up now
I'll shut up now, I'll shut up now

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, yeah, hey
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I'll Shut Up Now Lyrics

The Dirt Drifters – I'll Shut Up Now Lyrics

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