I can remember,
The first time I loved ya,
Like it was
Just yesterday.

Ooh, it felt so right,
Makin' love in the moonlight,
And stayin' out,
'Til the first light of day.

The nights go so quickly,
When we're together.
And I,
Will remember it when (?)

It seemed like forever,
Since we were together.
I can't wait,
To see you again.

We'll be lovin' the night away.
Forget about our sorrows,
Forget about tomorrow.
Just hold me 'til the light of day,
Lovin' the night away.
[End Chorus]

Your head's on my pillow,
My heart's in your hand.
And girl,
You do me so right.

You know when you tell me,
I'm still your kind of man,
It makes me wanna
Stay up all night.


You'd think by now,
My love would grow cold,
Like it did,
With the others before.

Oh, but every time I see
That lovin' look in your eyes,
It makes me want to come back,
For more, and more, and more.

Lovin' the night away...

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Lovin' The Night Away Lyrics

The Dillman Band – Lovin' The Night Away Lyrics

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