Say goodbye to Summer
She's leaving for a while
I said it's getting cold out
She barely forced a smile
Like little children always know
Sun goes down you better get home
I never noticed it was too late
Didnt want to leave didnt want to say
Goodbye summer, goodbye summer

I heard your favorite song today
The melody stuck in my head
And I remember you never needed words to explain
What we both knew we had
You remember, 100 million people fast asleep
Laying there thinking of you and me
I can feel December closing in
Why'd you have to leave? Why'd I have to say goodbye summer?
Goodbye summer

We'll always have that summer now
Feel it still sun on our skin
And when it fades have no regrets
I'll not forget, I'll not forget oh
Goodbye summer
Laying there thinking about you and me
Goodbye summer
Why'd you have to go Why'd you have to leave
Goodbye Summer
Why'd you have to go I wanted you to stay
Goodbye Summer
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Goodbye Summer Bedroom Lyrics

The Daylights – Goodbye Summer Bedroom Lyrics