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That Girl Lyrics

The Dame Sound – That Girl Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Said it's cold,
Here in this bed
And I keep thinkin',
Of the last words you said

You said you were done,
And left in the rain
And now there's nothin' to numb the pain,
That I'm feelin'

This room, this room keeps spinnin'
Can't breathe, can't breathe I'm gaspin'
Goin' down, way down I'm buried
Come get me,

Please come get me

'Cause I don't think I'll make it through the night
(Through the night)
And I'm getting so tired of holding this pillow tight
(Pillow tight)
And I don't have enough to keep puttin' up a fight
Tryna be that girl,
Forget of being that girl

[Verse 2:]
So I tried to take care of myself,
But nothing compares,
To the way that I felt
When you would touch me,
And say my name
I wish I can hear it again,
'cause I can't deal with the pain
That I'm feelin' ohhh

(Back to hook + chorus)

Usually I would be so strong,
But the moment when I think of moving on
I get scared,
So vulnerable
There's no talking to me,
I'm inconsolable
And the walls that I put up come tumbling down

(Back to chorus)

Can't help but being that girl
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