Kinless from the beginning
Of your sad and pathetic life
Bending over backwards for nothing
Cuts you like the sharpest knife

Live in your imagination
Where you’re not shunned nor cast aside
Back to reality
Realize you wanna die

Questioning what happened to your soul
You have once felt in control
Rejected; disrespected; always feeling unloved
Now your soul has gone cold

Questioning what happened to your life
You have no friends, no social life
Rejected; disrespected; always feeling replaced
By the ones who fucking lie

And I’ve seen them all
As they walk tall
You’re so eager to please the ones who bring you down
I’ve seen it all, rise and fall
You’re so eager to rise but I know you just lie
To yourself, you tell yourself
They could never betray, but take it from me
I’ve seen them all as they walk tall

Never seen and never heard
Never meant to speak a fucking word
No pleasure for the pain endured
This Deprivation is absurd

Never to speak unless spoken to
No choice of your own it’s sad but true
Rot in solitude for ever more
And in darkness to the fucking core
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Deprivation Lyrics

The Crypt – Deprivation Lyrics