Stand behind me
And above me
With voices plaguing
My deepest thoughts
And the visions
They keep coming
I keep hearing
My angel fall

In a dream
Without a future
Without a breath
To take away
And my resolve;
A higher being
With wings of ash
And eyes of fire

Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger
I don't know what the message means
Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger
I'm just the messenger don't blame me

As things will happen in this life
With no resolution,
The duality in men
Requires constitution.
For the shame of hatred spent
Might endure your sorrow
If your higher self is shackled
By your binary soul

[Spoken; transcribed] God is beyond concept in so much as all elements by which concepts can be proclaimed are incapable of describing principles beyond their spectrum. We as cognitive entites are incapable of thinking beyond the inherent limitations of our current evolution. Our minds are the most complex matter which we are capable of understanding.

Creation's flaw;
The angels fell
Without his grace
To light our path
I am the mirror
Iam the destiny
I am the herald
Who points the way

[Spoken; transcribed] There are no absolutes within the spectrum of truth simply because the limitations of our language do not allow for statements of precision to exist with hypothetical vulnerability. Logic is not flawless, it exists simply within the set boundaries in our physical world. There is in essence both in-sight and blindness alike within the observation.

The wounds I bear
Have left me humbled
Once a child of divinity,
But if my breathing
Days be numbered,
Will I bring this victory?
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Binary Lyrics

The Crüxshadows – Binary Lyrics