4 years 22 shades of blonde is all that separated us
Why could of we of carried on, we could of got married,
You could of carried some of my sons

You let me change the radio station in your car,
Do you remember that time I raised my voice
Because you said you'd never ever heard of The La's
You continued to get intimidated
Then your fingertips wrapped around those knuckles of mine

The fear walked home and your smile returned, all of sudden everything was fine
But those days have passed and these types of relationship never last

So please don't pretend that we'll stay friends
Cause you know as well as I do
That, that just will never happen

Well no, no that just never happens

How come I always see you out with those boys that we used to argue about?
You walk over all flustered and stuff, tellin my group of friends that you have had enough
You spend 85 percent of your night trying to make me understand
Why you were standing so close, why you were kissing him, and why you left that place holding his hand

Oh Darling can't You See that it's got fuck All to do with me

Please don't pretend that we'll stay friends
Cause you know as well as I do that, that
Well that just can never happen
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Please Don't Lyrics

The Courteeners – Please Don't Lyrics

Songwriters: LIAM JAMES FRAY
Please Don't lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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