New moon peeking through
Now the sky is brand new
Feel it on my skin, is it night or noon?
It's been the blackest night for quite some time
Since my love left with that heart of mine
It kept on ticking, I don't know why

Now this rock bottom hurt has a whole new feel
It feels like the moon since I saw you here
And the light that comes from your face
Brightens this place

Tell me who needs a sun when it goes away?
It sets on me every single day
Darlin' I'll get my light from a star who's miles away

If I look too long will I lose my place?
I get caught staring into space
You see my dear there's much I'd like to erase
It's later now, my eye's adjust
Ooo what a pretty boy he was
Pretty is as pretty does

[Chorus:] x 2
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Miles Away Lyrics

The Corin Tucker Band – Miles Away Lyrics

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