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Predator Lyrics

The Contortionist – Predator Lyrics

I have scoured the earth for the pieces of me that I lost when you left;
When you walked across the threshold of love
And into the open arms of betrayal.

I've left no stone unturned,
No page of the book unread,
No corner of the earth unexplored.

I start to fear that these pleasantries have gone on for far too long;
Have carried out for far too long.

Why don't you entertain the thoughts of everything that you love being gone?

Life starts to turn into a broken record,
One endless shitstorm right after the other.
Why don't we grab another drink to take for the road,
And make things easier on the both of us.

We can only pray that this does not kill us all, devour us where we stand.

I've swallowed my fears, protected every inch.
If it makes this better for you, if it makes this stick...

I have prayed for total annihilation from everything
That has held me to you through all of these lifeless days.

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years,
It's that there is no change without conflict.
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