We all fail, but we are not all failures.
(Predetermined to fail)
We don't have to live like this.

You've lived your life in shame
Chasing what was to far away.
It's not a contest,
And love can't be won.
You speak and you speak
But not in volumes to me.
Broken homes pave the way for twisted tongues.

Broken homes pave the way for twisted tongues.
We will not be forgotten.
This will be the leach that I
Refuse to find a way to burn
Because that would be too easy.
I found a foothold in the faultline.
There is always a voice,
And it's always there,
And this is what it says:
"I still love you somehow"

I still love you somehow, and I always will.

You've got a tapeworm growing within your soul.
You're gonna have to dig it out through the heart.
Dig it out.
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Be Longing Always Lyrics

The Color Morale – Be Longing Always Lyrics