Let's take it back, take it back to where we started from
And make it clear, make it clear enough so they know what we've become
Turn it up, turn it up real loud to make them stand up
Build it up, build it up enough so they know what we have done

And I'll think about all that you ever did
And how you always said we will never make it
But take a peak and look at where we have come
And make a note that we won't change for anyone

Listen up, listen up and act like you know who we are
Here's the thing, here's the thing about that you said we won't get far
Take a look, take a look right now at where we have been
Stop and think, stop and think about everything you once said


Not for anyone! [x8]


[Chorus x2]
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What We've Become Lyrics

The Closing Statement – What We've Become Lyrics