This is the way the world turns
Expect it to be laid out before you
We strive to find a way, a way to survive
This lesson we experience can only kill or make you immune to the unsacred lives we lead
Death has no pity for any of us
Outside this box you live in is an endless answer only few can see
Bloodshed, pain, agony of failure has made us stronger than society itself
Peresisting through all the piles of shit that is fed to us
We walk on this path of disemboweled beings who lie on the stench filled path that they think brings happiness
This assembly line that is our suggested path of life
Fight! We have to fight this conformity for the rest of our lives
We don't have all the answers, but we want all to know that we are ready for this fight
Take the stand
Rise up with us as we take the stand
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Unsacred Lyrics

The Classic Struggle – Unsacred Lyrics

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