Oh Atlanta you're the only home I ever knew
Oh Atlanta I can't wait to get back home to you
You've got money in your pockets you've got roses in the lane
You've got purebred southern blood flowing in your veins Atlanta

Oh Atlanta I wish that I was down on Peachtree Street
Oh Atlanta them little Georgia peaches sure are sweet
You've got more pretty girls than any other place I've been
I can't wait to let your bright lights shine on me again Atlanta

Now you're the queen of Dixie you're the diamond of the South
You're that big hometown with all that southern pride
I've got them traveling blues I've got Georgia on my mind
I'm gonna jump on board a southbound train and ride

Oh Atlanta I'm lonesome as a southern boy can be
Oh Atlanta please be sure and save a place for me
So momma can fry some chicken call the family on the phone
Tell them that their long lost southern boy is coming home to Atlanta
[ fiddle ]
Oh Atlanta I'm lonesome as a southern boy can be...
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Oh Atlanta Lyrics

The Charlie Daniels Band – Oh Atlanta Lyrics