The photograph, the afternoon
the telephone, the plane too soon
I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe
Not again

The only time, I have with you
is in the car, on the avenue
But all these things, like all my dreams
slip away

On my own again (ooh-oh)
On my own again (ooh-oh)
All alone again

(I need to be)
On my own again (ooh-oh)
(I wanna be)
On my own again (ooh-oh)
(Come on and be)
All alone again

Calling, calling, calling everyday
saying things that no one else could say
Don't forget me if I fall away
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Water Of The Gods Lyrics

The Changes – Water Of The Gods Lyrics

Songwriters: Darren Spitzer, David Rothblatt, Jonathan Basofin, Robert Kallick
Water Of The Gods lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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