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Ballroom Bones Lyrics

The Ceremonies – Ballroom Bones Lyrics

Sitting in my head, I've grown
I shook with notions I fed-- warm bread.

And if your skeletons, they refuse to walk
Oh, we can make them leave if we just talk their talk

I can't take it when you rattle my bones but you're locked in a cage with me.
And you can't stand it when you're all alone but you've gone and thrown away the key.
The moonshine's dripping from the white of your eye but your lips are too scared to speak.
The whisper's singing you a lullaby but it can't put you to sleep.

Sitting in my head, I've grown
I'm scared in this happiness I've met, but I'm pleased to meet you.
I'm not pleased.

'Cause I won't make you stay awake if you can't go out tonight
Tonight, tonight
And all your demons dissipate if you could just turn off the lights,
Tonight, tonight

And if your lonely bones they would stop to think, oh all the xylophones would decline the drink

Laying in my bed, I've known
I tip toe while I tread,
Tonight, let's sleep.
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