Wind of sorrow, song of pain
Make tomorrow an easy thing
She's up on a hillside flogging the dead
Says I'm not gonna' go till it blackens my head
Bring on sorrow,
Have to borrow

Banish Color and the sane
Ignore the Sabbath and pray for rain
She's up in the evening playing a game
She don't want to know that it's nicely arranged
Bring on sorrow,
I will follow

Draw the curtains, prone on the floor
Like to kill with a kiss
"Quadrophenia" blasts down the walls
Of you and all other kids
So don't bring up sorrow to me
Don't dream up sorrow to see

Crown of sorrow, boots of pain
By tomorrow a fashion thing
I'm up on my highhorse calling her names
I'm not one of you, cause I don't wear your pain
She dreams up sorrow,
Still I follow

(Instrumental Break)

She dreams up sorrow,
A dream she swallows

Cool coffee lie on the floor
Ashes floating are grim
Gothic posters, heighten remorse
Asleep she just dreams of him
So don't bring up sorrow to me
Don't play with what you can't see
Don't dream of someone, not me
Or bring back someone to see
Don't leave it sorrow or me
Don't play with what you can't see
Bring out something in me
Don't bring up sorrow to see
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Sorrow (Boots Of Pain) Lyrics

The Cavedogs – Sorrow (Boots Of Pain) Lyrics

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