I am a piece of bacteria on this bitter earth,
Or even, a virus, for what good it's worth
But don't you understand the words that I'm saying
Can't you see the impact of the games we are playing
We're going back to where we were at the start
I just hope to god you haven't had a change of heart

Cause I don't think that we can survive this
When we're just putting up with the same old shit
As we were 20 years ago, nothing seems to change
The puppets come and go but the strings stay the same

And I am a piece of bacteria that they want to kill
Just so they can implement their corrupt systems will
The vultures are circling and ready to pick
The bones of the weak the dying and sick
The bones of the union, the peoples weary blood
To dump in unmarked graves on government sponsored mud

Now the goosesteps are getting ever closer,
They're coming in on me
The private armies of the rich elite will certainly make sure
That we can't ever be free

So the train is now arriving at the station
To take us back to Auschiwtz to resume our concentration
The stock market grows and the feudal state knows that the
Deck is in their favour
Yet the dying breath of the nation state is something I will savour

Yet you still say to me that I make no contribution
That this social war of mine is just a cut and paste solution
"You can't win with an army so small, sort it out then give me a call", but arbitrary views don't mean shit to me
The vision you want is something you'll never see

So if you fight societies law
And if youve found something that you'll die for
Yeah if you fight societies law
Well if you want peace, you'd better prepare yourselves for war
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If You Want Peace Lyrics

The Casual Terrorist – If You Want Peace Lyrics