Your intentions came through the phone loud and clear.
After all this time and heartache, why are we right back here.
Defending my right to move on.
While you pour in the confusion and pain that I thought had long since gone.

If it's the upper hand you want.
Baby take it I've had enough.
If this is what you need I'll gladly give it up.

I was shaken so hard I couldn't speak.
Pacing the floor in shambles, feeling so damn weak.
The anger let go to despair.
With all this time that you've been gone,
I can't imagine why you care

My intentions fall flat, my head starts to clear.
After all this time and heartache, why am I right back here.
Written so many words to find my peace.
And now with this bitter swan song, I declare my own release

You got the freedom that you craved.
Why are we arguing today...
Be happy girl I'm not standing in your way...
Yeah go
Be happy girl I'm no longer in your way
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The Upper Hand Lyrics

The Casting Out – The Upper Hand Lyrics