With this wing, I thee wed
We pledged our love
With each word we said

And the birds
Like angels, did sing
Oh, they sang at our
Make believe wedding

In the night (in the night)
The trees were our guest
(The trees were our guest)
And mister moon (mister moon)
Our marriage did bless
(Our marriage did bless)

And the leave
Was shaped like a ring
A beautiful ring for our
Make believe wedding

The flowers we picked in the park
We used for your bridal bouquet
Two hearts beat as one in the dark

It was love (it was love)
It was love (it was love)
In a very special way

Young love (young love)
These moments must steal
(These moments must steal)
Until (until) our wedding's for real
(Our wedding's for real)

Until then
To this ending, we'll cling
A sweet memory of our
Make believe wedding
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Make Believe Wedding Lyrics

The Castells – Make Believe Wedding Lyrics