I had my pride, had a head full of doubts and my 9.
Said, I'm so tired of being held down because of this pigment of mine.
So I rolled into the Corner store and pulled out my blade, Sri Lanka's tears will pay for the reckless sins that he has made.
Sweaty palms. Beating hearts, a lifetime of choices I have made, Never said that I was righteous, never said that I was saved. My only way to kill contrition is to make sure I'm getting paid. Gonna pull the trigger of this gun, and hear his children say.

*Now he's gone... Now he's gone*

Baby don't worry,
I'll be back dear,
Back where I remember,
Gotta do my time.

Momma don't worry,
I ain't got fear,
I'm only bleeding,
I'll be fine

You never will be hard as me
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Compton To Scarboro Lyrics

The Carps – Compton To Scarboro Lyrics

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