This may or may not be some of the majority of the lyrics, It took me a
Very long time to figure these out by ear but I hope they're mainly right!
Also where there are '... ' That means there Is a gap In the lyrics because
I couldn't hear them.
Made by Marika c:

Oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo Etc

Picture perfect home or no so I was told It was meant to be no other way.
Paint it came and fell on me, damn you put that spell on me,
That my mind
Could never erase
So burn him by this hell I could convince myself only for this feel I was
Lay my loveless fear, concur me, what I adear, why would I, can re drown
Any In grace
Ooo ooo ooo

Oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo etc

And when your bait, tells me you'll find my bait, tells you,
Everything I'll be despite in spite of you x2
So you keep running on, and you keep fighting now,
But I am moving on, and
I've been clearing dirt x2

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Revelry Lyrics

The Careful Ones – Revelry Lyrics