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Miss Red White And Blue Lyrics

The Cains – Miss Red White And Blue Lyrics

It couldn't have been more than 84, but that Mississippi heat looked good on her
He was never cool with breaking rule, but you can't say no to the smile of the summer girl
They were hoppin fences and making wishes that the boys in blue would mind their own business
His Ivy League start fell apart when she stole a kiss and stole his heart

Miss Red White and Blue
What's that boy gonna do with you?
A bandit on the lose
Bonnie and Clyde meets American Pie
He said I wanna run with you
But sorry boy, there's no room for two
So Miss, Red, White and blew a big kiss to the camera
Took his heart and his money too

She cut his hair and changed his clothes
The summer girl came to kidnap his soul
They rolled into town, took a look around
She said, "baby lets blow this Popsicle stand down."
When he went in to pay for gas
She hit the road and ain't looking back


Here's the warning story that we tell
Turns out I know the summer girl all too well
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