"Always isn`t always" - that`s what you always say
"Always isn`t always" - tomorrow's another day

I thought your lying wouldn`t mean much to me
I thought your crying couldn`t ever get to me
Seems like I known you too long in an awful way
Sad to see go but glad your someone I use to know


When I saw you on the south side of town
its been sometime now, since I saw you around
You didn`t have much to say, you never did anyway
Jack up - Smacked Up, loving that brown
It looks like your on your way down


6 am on the south side of town
Smacked out, drugged out lying on the ground
I guess you couldn`t take anymore
Sad to see you go
but glad that your someone I use to know

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Always Lyrics

The Business – Always Lyrics

Songwriters: GARY BARLOW
Always lyrics © ANGLO-ROCK, INC. , EMI Music Publishing

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