Hey, you, what time do you call this?
Your tea's been ready don't you give it a miss!
I'm off out mum, I won't be home.
You are on the streets to roam

Listen to me 'cause I'm still your mother,
You aren't as old as your brother.
You come home and cheek me once more my lad,
So away from this house, away from the door

Let me say, I aint a kid
And if you want you can easy get rid
I'm moving out, I'm getting a flat,
As soon as I can and I won't be back.


Of night, takes me home,
I stumble about, on my own.
Oh as my half naked body, hits the bed,
There's a hundred thoughts in my head.

Oh I wish I'd listened to my mother,
Becasue I aren't as old as me brother.
And if I ever drink once more I swear,
I can see myself staggering all over the floor.
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Old Man's Poison Lyrics

The Burial – Old Man's Poison Lyrics

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