Here comes the new sensation
All along the shores we sing it.
New waves came crashing in
And washed the rest away.
Thank God they've come to save us,
We're not the ones you should trust.
Slit all their throats while they're asleep
So when they wake they can not speak.

Our secrets are safe with no one
We're desperate for some dignity.
We never mean the things we say,
This art is all just fun and games.

And to my closest enemies
Who kept me in good company,
I never got the chance to say
Thank you for all your loyalty.
The waves are rising all around.
The lies, to your conscience they are bound
And like dead weight will make you drown
Nothing can save us from that now

Until someone get hurt. [x6]

[Chorus x2]
Until someone get hurt. [x2]
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Until Someone Gets Hurt Lyrics

The Briggs – Until Someone Gets Hurt Lyrics