These are thee things that belong to me
Nothing that's worth five dollars you see
I needed something of value
I needed money for drugs and food

I got caught shop lifting at macys
I got caught shop lifting at macys
Oh no

Hand on my shoulder a voice says son
I tried to run 'cause I never learn
There go my plans for the afternoon
I'm in a chair in the managers room

I got caught shop lifting at macys
They say this won't change.... For free
Oh no

They say son your quite moronic
Why don't you try something honesty
I said that I'd do my best
If they would not make an arrest
Oh Well Oh Well Oh Well ohh oh oh

But this is not the first time oh no
They've got my records from other stores
I will be........... Individual
And it is off to the clink I go
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Shoplifting At Macy's Lyrics

The Briefs – Shoplifting At Macy's Lyrics