You think I'm such a tired old savoir
You think I'm such a delicate boy
Well I'm drinking my way to a coma
I'm drinking up the moon and the stars

So fast that you better come quickly
So quick 'cause I'm going in style
I think that I could hold this against you
How's that for a delicate child

Weigh me down so I'll sink fast
I'm aching to bruise I'm aching to crash
I'm at a low

I feel like I'm pissing on postcards
I feel like I'm bathing in whine
You only let me down when it's too hard
So come bathe in my whine for awhile

All that progress is something I stop
On the border of a single shot
All around us is a broken world
I think I might have had enough

So come wipe my world away
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I'm At A Low Lyrics

The Break And Repair Method – I'm At A Low Lyrics

Songwriters: PAUL DOUCETTE
I'm At A Low lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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