We're gathered here on hallowed ground
With voices raised, heads bowed down
We're gathered here on hallowed ground
To sing this soul away

I was walking down on Thompson Street
Saw a battered soul, no food to eat
With shakin' hand for me to greet
Said 'i knew you one day'

Said 'i was once a different man
Strong of voice, firm of hand
But even gifts the Angels plan
The time can waste away
Waste away'


I realized he'd been my friend
All those years I'd spent with him
The light of recognition dims
The years pulled us away

Said "I had dreams like anyone
Worked so hard, prayed they come
But, I'm a man like anyone
And she walked away,
She walked away"


Walking down on Thompson street
Looking for my friend to meet
I saw a black cart in the street
Carryin' him away

I followed to the edge of town
Watched them lay his body down
Said a prayer and turned around
And slowly walked away,
I walked away
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Hallowed Ground Lyrics

The Brandos – Hallowed Ground Lyrics